Hardstand Work

This entails the below works:

-High pressure hull blasting to remove marine growth.

-Hand scraping of hull 

-Sanding and antifouling of hull 

-Buff of hull up to bump strip (i.e. not including   superstructure)

-Stainless steel and glass cleaning 

-Inspection of all anodes and intake ports 

-Teak clean and brightening


Optional extras


-Anode replacement

-Prop speed

-Teak oil 


<30ft: 10hr ($550)

31-52ft: 14hr ($770)

52-70ft: 18hr ($980)

70ft+: 24-26hr ($1320)​

Please Note all quotes are of course able to be customised to suit; so Please do not hesitate to enquire about a more personalised quote for your Vessel.